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Building | Art on Walls

In 2016 Heritage Australia named Tallangatta Victoria’s second Notable Town. "Tallangatta tells the story of a 19th-century country town that was moved not only physically, but culturally, into a new era of modernity." (Paul Roser, Acting Chief Executive of The National Trust of Victoria 2016). In 1956 the entire town was moved 8km west in order to make way for the expansion of the Hume Weir. Tallangatta became Old Tallangatta and Bolga became Tallangatta. Some say the town is stuck in a time void. Its history spans just 60 years and, while its official slogan is: The Town That Moved, a popular utterance is: The Town that Never Moved On...


BUILDING | ART ON WALLS; a collaborative project places the work of 4 contemporary Australian artists (Steven Rhall, Ashe, Raquel Ormella & Belinda Fraser) within the expatriated streetscape of this rural community. It aims to be a process for the community to experience contemporary Australian art practice and to engage with the themes presented in the artists’ work. With Paul Roser’s quote as impetus, each of the artists will interpret and produce new work resulting in large scale “paste- ups” that will be installed upon buildings within the township. Focusing and contextualising the gaze of visitors and locals, these works more than answered the question: What is there to see in Tallangatta? 

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