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Untitled (the order of somethings)

The Order of Somethings was part of Ashe’s solo exhibition titled: Constructing Selves at KINGS ARI in Melbourne. 


Ashe has taken single words and whole slogans from headlines appearing in various newspapers from around the world and created a performance that considers and responds to the placement and location of the individual, and collectives, within the construction of socio-cultural spaces and repositioned them within a landscape void of human habitation. The work sees Ashe play with multiple, minority identities in an attempt to confront the audience with the ingrained cultural fear and bigotry that seems deeply etched into the Australian landscape, constitution and psyche. 

The Order of Somethings was developed while Ashe was in residence at Birrarung House as part of the Laughing Waters Artist-in-Residence Program.

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