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Untitled (your representation is my undoing) 1st Iteration & 2nd Iteration 

Both, Untitled (your representation is my undoing) Iteration I (2013) & Iteration II (2014) are culminations of visual responses to the (then) current media and politic rhetoric regarding refugees, queer marriage, and the ongoing inequalities within contemporary Australia. Much of Ashe’s work features barriers that demand to be challenged or confronted. One of the performative elements in Untitled (Your representation is my undoing) 2nd iteration (2014) involves seven naked models standing together at the back of the installation. The entrance to the space where they stand is a threshold or barrier to be crossed; it asks the viewer to consider whether they will enter the room and thus become actively implicated, or stay on the outside, absorbed into the passivity of voyeurism.

The borders in Ashe's practice are not fixed or final, rather, they exist to be contemplated and tangled with, danced upon and scribbled out, to be broken down with heated conversation and good humour, and ultimately, disposed of with dignity.

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