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Flag Man

Artistic outcomes are often the result of the artist at play in the studio. Here in, Ashe’s Untitled (silent anthem) performance and F(l)ag Man series of photographs, we see the results of the play process. 


Ashe painted a mural of Parliament House, Australia on his studio wall as a means to articulate a series of photographs he wanted to take, whereby he would travel around and take photographs of buildings that fly the Australian Flag. 


The flag, in the mural, is deliberately left blank so that Ashe can engage with this backdrop in his studio; becoming the flag itself. 


Untitled (silent anthem) and F(l)ag Man (actioned) were part of an exhibition, titled; Façade at Australian Parliament House in 2018. The exhibition, curated by Justine Van Mourik, for the 30th anniversary of Australian Parliament House (APH) and featured artworks inspired by the architecture of APH and in particular the Great Verandah and Flag mast – the ‘façade’ of the building. The façade of APH has become a recognizable symbol of democracy and government throughout Australia and it has been appropriated and celebrated by many contemporary artists.

Unfortunately, both my works were removed shortly after the opening as the exhibition as the presiding officers, the Hon. Scott Ryan and the Hon. Tony Smith MP, made complaints that these works disrespect the Australian flag. I was not told of their removal until I turned up to see the exhibition, several days later. 

F(l)ag Man (actioned) was a finalist in the 2014 Bowness Photography Prize

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